How Does SEO Work in 2020?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

you might be asking yourself: How does SEO work? How long does SEO take to work, How does SEO work on google? How does SEO keywords work? well read below and find out!

SEO is like a fine wine; it needs time to reach excellence. If you are going to do a successful campaign be ready to be into its long term. It takes time to show results. Patience is key when getting into this, although it’s going to be quite difficult to stay patient trust the process. Many companies small and big are still human and want to see results from their SEO campaigns right away. They may even question you whether the campaign is working, but if you can show constant steady growth it is working. your web traffic does not explode within a few days or weeks. the long-term results of a good SEO campaign are worth the wait and results will be there.

How long does seo take to show results.

This is hard to answer, it doesn’t have a one size fits all, but generally a good well planned seo campaign takes between 4-6 months to show results. There are many factors such as

  1. How secure is your website?

  2. Does your website have an http or https.

  3. Is the content optimized.

  4. How’s the user experience.

  5. Websites that have a bad u/x or bounce rate google will not really show. As it reads it as a not reliable website to show in searches.

  6. Backlink.

  7. How many backlinks do you have. This help when google ranks website as it is seen as a more credible website.

  8. Business information

  9. Page speed .

  10. Slow loading times for pages is one big factors in getting google to rank you. Less than 3 seconds is best anything higher than 5 secs the user typically leaves the website.

  11. Mobile responsive.

  12. Mobile is more popular than desktop searches and usage. Make sure when building your website or having it built this is a top priority.

  13. Domain age and URL.

  14. How old is your domain and is your URL optimized with a relatable keyword?

In conclusion, having good on page seo is just as good as off page seo. Make sure your URLs are optimized. Example With this type of URL google will most likely give this page as the result because its optimized to answer that question. SEO is a long-term investment and never buy a service from someone sell SEO with results in days that is going come back to bite you later when google catches on. Your growth should be steady and consist. Black hat tactics spikes and very short-term gains that down result in leads/sales. Like I said will do more harm than good.

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