How To Improve SEO On Your Website ?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

How to improve seo on website

Do you want to know how to improve SEO on website, how to improve your SEO on google?

Well change some of these things. SEO isn’t as hard as you think. On page SEO are portions you or your website maintenance company can change.

1. Page speed.

a. Optimize your page speed. If your page on desktop or mobile takes long to load your bounce rate will be high. Studies show that long page load time make user leave instantly and never return. Googles algorithm also takes this into account and is a negative mark on your website

2. Proper use of headers.

a. The proper use of headers is a great way to break up sections of your website. So, it doesn’t look like one long manifesto. They are key parts to your website because this Is a good way to put in the keywords to rank for.

3. Be smart with the pictures you upload.

a. This is one piece of SEO that people don’t think about. By be smart with your picture I mean make sure they are named with relevant keywords to your page. Example: dogshampoobottle1.jpg use this: best dog shampoo for shaggy dogs. So make sure when you upload photos to your page, make sure the photos are named properly.

b. You also should compress your images which helps with data size and page speed. Use this post for best image compressors.

4. Blog or podcast.

a. Again another little known thing that helps SEO is start a blog or podcast for your niche. Blogging is best because it is another way to get more keywords to rank for. You don’t have to blog every day. Even blogging once a week 300-500-word piece will be good. Aim for the minimum once a week. This can also answer questions and makes the user want to explore more on your site.

5. Mobile optimization.

a. Just like web page speed this is very important because studies have found that 57% of all online traffic occurred on smartphones and tablets. So only focusing on the desktop version for your page is just ½ the battle always make sure the mobile version is responsive and everything is aligned and clean.

In conclusion this is just 5 tips for optimizing your SEO. Make sure your desktop and mobile version are good and clean, keywords are use throughout your site especially in H1 headers, pictures are compressed and renamed with relevant keywords, and start a blog or podcast.

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