How To Start a Dropshipping or E-Commerce Business 2020?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

How do I start a drop shipping website? First you need to narrow down a niche. Example men’s or female clothing, pet toys, accessories, kitchen. Those are still broad niches so try to narrow it down further. Men or female tops and bottom or accessories, dog toys, cat toys. Drop shipping requires quite a bit of research before starting. Things like is this product or niche even searchable? Can I make money off this product? Is it scale able? what does dropshipping mean?

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How does dropshipping work?

You or hire someone to build a shopify website.

1. Find products to sale

2.Someone buys product

3. Use their information to then buy it at wholesale price.

4. Ship it directly to them.

5. Difference is profit.

Perks of drop shipping:

1. No need to hold inventory

2. Wholesale prices for great profit margins

3. Low startup cost

Sounds easy right? It can be but it can also fail. So start right and follow the following list.

Things to research:

where to find dropshipping products- you can use aliexpress or Alibaba to find wholesale products. aliexpress is best because you can buy 1 pcs at a time, Alibaba is more for high volume purchasing if you plan to start your own brand and deal with your own fulfillment or are planning to use amazon as your shipper.

Profit- you can use AliExpress to search from thousands of products. So, if a dog toy cost 7.42 to buy and shipping cost 9.43 the total for this product 16.85. so now check amazon or competitors to see how much it sells for. Most sell for 30 bucks. If you can sell for that price you stand to make 13 dollars profit. There are many sellers that have free shipping so look for that.

Appeal- make sure your product has a audience base that is worth pursuing. Continuing with by searching the keyword “dog chew toys” it has 12100 search volume. Great! To find a keyword tool search “free keyword planner”. Google has keyword planner but requires a campaign set up.

Branding- build your website and branding. Make sure its appealing and difference. Use a catchy slogan. Use bold colors, have a great logo. You must set yourself apart from the rest!

Figure out a sales plan.

Having a great product and a website is good and all, but without customers looking to buy, you don’t have a business merely a hobby. There are several ways to attract customers. Either free or paid.

Facebook is your best bet but can get expensive quick. When I started my shopify store I created a Instagram for my website and kept marketing on their first to build some kind of following. I even paid influencers to promote it. Be careful when using influencers results aren’t guaranteed. Do your research on Facebook ads as well. Facebook has millions of users and their ads can generate great leads, with the right ad placement.

in closing drop shipping can be a lucrative way to start a side business and if scaled properly you can quit your 9-5. Do your research before starting. There is no risk if you want to start a shopify site. They offer a 14-day trial. so sign up and get started on your path to success.

Final piece of advice. There are a lot of “gurus” flashing the dream when it comes to drop shipping please pursue on at your own risk. If its too good to be true it most likely is. If they are advertising a course that normally cost

2000 dollars but is on sale for 100. Does that sound legit? They are most likely going to send you nothing or a eBook they copied from someone else. Be careful online.

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