How To Use Word Press Without Hosting?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

How to set up a WordPress site locally

How to set up a WordPress site without hosting. So you want to try WordPress and determine how complicated is can be to navigate and set up. Only you will be able to see this website. To make it live you need domain and hosting.

Normally to set up WordPress you need to buy hosting and from their you can one-click install WordPress. You can use HostGator, which if you use our promocode 1993designs you can get $151 off a 36month plan. Discount is applied for any plan but the higher the plan the better. There are other hosting providers like: Bluehost and siteground.

To set up locally you need Bitnami

1. Go to website

2. Download the “on my computer” choose your operating system. Don’t sign in just got to bottom and click no thanks.

3. Extract and follow instructions.

4. Select components leave WordPress and phpMyAdmin check. Hit next.

5. Install folder. Leave as is unless you want to change.

6. Create admin account just fill out with whatever you want. Remember those credentials!

7. Name blog

8. Configure smtp setting. Leave as is.

9. When done with set up close the bitnami pop up, close it.

10. Hit install and Done!

11. To see your site. Type in localhost/WordPress

12. To see the backend of your site type in localhost/WordPress/login

13. Use the credentials you made earlier.

14. Now you can start building your website!

That’s it! That’s a step by step guide to setting up your WordPress website without hosting and for free! Remember this is an offline version and only you can see it on the computer you installed it on. If you are happy with it you can buy a domain and get a hosting plan and migrate it so It can be live. Only one WP site can be installed on the same computer. Happy building! Thank you for reading please feel free to like and share this tutorial!

*please note the links provided for HostGator and Bluehost are our affiliate links and we receive a small commission.

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