Why You Need a Website In 2020?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

you might be asking yourself:

"why do i need a website?" "im already on social media, thats enough." or "its too complicated to start one or get one."

well take a minute to read all the positive perks and benefits as to why you need a website and how easy it is.

  1. higher level of professionalism. Having a website that your social media links to creates a more professional presence among your competitors in your niche. did you know 84% percent of today's users think a business is more creditable than ones without one, and will more likely give you their business. Add in a business email ( and it will set you far apart.

  2. Showcase your business with your website you can show your products or services. you can have all the answer for your new potential client/customers. all in one shop for information.

  3. More Sales or Growth A website is like a salesperson that never sleeps, is all ways one 24/7. with a website that has good user interface and proper SEO you with get more conversion. consumers are most likely to refer people to your website if the U/X is good.

  4. Saves you time. a proper website will save you time in the long run. consumers turn to your website to answer any questions they might have. so instead of you spending time answering question that can be easily answered online. your incoming calls will already be hot since they already got answers and are now calling to close the deal/sale.

  5. Helps collect customer information. if your website has a "contact me" or "request information" you are obtaining key important information, such as: email, phone number, and first and last. this allows you to re target later. having a nice phone list or call list allows you to send out discounts or other special offers.

Final verdict

there are many reasons why you should have a website. its not expensive to build on your own, its also a small investment to hire some one to build you one. since you are a busy business owner and want some one to build you a awesome website check out for great prices and easy process to get your business online.

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