Why you would benefit from using CloudHQ

What is CloudHQ?

Well, its an all-in-one suite of cloud-to-cloud management services. Some of the apps are export emails to google sheets, save emails to pdf, export emails to google docs and Gmail email templates to name a few. My personal favorite is the email list builder which can save all the emails in a specific label in your Gmail. I use it to export my sent email at the end of the month to my crm. The file has a few helpful tabs that sorts the emails. All contacts, contacts who replied to my last email, contacts who didn’t reply to my last email, and contacts who didn’t open my last email to name a few. How it works, it starts by adding the certain cloudhq app google extension and log in to the email account you want to use it on. Then open the app and run it. It may take a few minutes depending on the size of label exporting. It is quite expensive but I feel well worth the price as it helps me retarget my email efforts, acquiring just one new client from this software pays for itself. The pricing is as follows at the time of writing this blog for all 68 apps, and 3 licenses it runs for $99/month. Is cloudHQ Secure? Each cloudHQ account is encrypted with a unique AES 256-bit key. Likewise, metadata on cloudHQ’s servers is encrypted with a randomly generated AES 256-bit key. User interactions and data transmissions with third-party APIs (such as customer relationship management app Salesforce) are handled via a 256-bit encrypted SSL channel. The final verdict is that although I don’t use all the apps in the suite the ones I do use have helped my business tremendously. It is free to try most of the apps and I would encourage you to do so! Here is the link to their website and try them out today!

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